\When do you really need a Pueblo auto accident lawyer?

An unfortunate car accident in Pueblo can leave you with injuries, financial losses, and unbearable trauma. If the other driver, who owed you a duty of care, was negligent, you can file an injury lawsuit and seek compensation. It typically starts with filing a claim with their insurance company. So, do you need to hire a Pueblo auto accident lawyer? Hiring a personal injury attorney in Colorado is not mandatory to pursue your claim. However, this can impact the eventual settlement you get. In this post, we are sharing more on circumstances when hiring an accident lawyer is really relevant and necessary. 

When you didn’t take the right action

All car accidents in Colorado must be reported, if there was injury, death, or property damage involved. You are required to pull over and call the local police. You can also report the local sheriff’s office about the accident. However, if you failed to do the same, or didn’t wait to see if others were injured, the insurance company will use this against you. Contact an attorney, so that you are aware of your options. 

When you too were at fault

Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had a minor role in the traffic accident, your awarded compensation will be reduced by your fault percentage. Also, if your share of fault is 50% or more, you may not recover anything at all. Insurance company of the other driver may try to prove that you are responsible entirely for the accident Without an attorney, you may not be capable of defending yourself. 

When you have limited time

Right after the accident, you are expected to inform the insurance companies, including your own insurer, within a reasonable time. As per the statute of limitations in Colorado, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit within three years, from the date of accident. If your insurance claim was denied, or you didn’t take enough action to gather evidence right after the accident, you have already lost time. Contact a lawyer, because they can help in taking action. 

When you want advice

The biggest reason to hire an auto accident lawyer is to get advice. You need to know what the claim is worth, and more importantly, if you can actually hold the other party responsible for their action. Expertise of an attorney is valuable for any car accident lawsuit. 

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