Why Car Accident Victims May Experience Back Pain After the Crash

Car accidents can happen without warning. And once they occur, victims can sustain injuries that can be serious or minor. One of the injuries that a victim may suffer is back pain, which can make it hard for a person to perform normal daily activities. Also, back pain can mean a more serious injury is happening from within the body. The pain can be felt right away; however, it can also be delayed. 

Back pain from a car crash results from the amount of force placed on the spine after a significant impact. The limited space in the driver’s seat causes the force to be confined to a smaller area, which suddenly stops the momentum. Because of the force, pressure is put on both the back and neck. Victims of car accidents who suffer back pain from their crashes should consult injury attorneys Huntington Beach to know their legal rights and options. 

Disc Injuries Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Pain associated with the spinal discs happens when the discs’ condition gradually deteriorates or after a sudden acute trauma like in a car accident. It is often felt in the lower spine area. Injuries such as spinal stenosis, lumbar sprains, disc herniation, and degenerative spinal disorder can cause lower back pain. 

Back Pain Treatment After a Car Crash

The kind of treatment a car accident victim gets for their back injury depends on the kind of injury they suffer, where it is located, and its severity. But, they may be recommended to wear a back brace, perform gentle stretching, and take a rest to help subside symptoms from whiplash. However, they may also be referred to a spine surgeon or require extra care for their back pain. Their treatment can include physical therapy, spine surgery, corticosteroid injections, and anti-inflammatory medications. 

Important Things that Victims Should Remember

Back pain may not be acute and post-crash endorphins can make pain. Thus, victims may watch out for discomforts or strange sensations. And when they feel even slight back pain, they have to get a full medical examination. With the help of an experienced attorney, a car accident victim can be compensated for their medical care and the impact of a serious back injury on their daily life. Therefore, they should not ignore minor pain, especially when they feel it on the back. The pain could be caused by serious injuries that require extensive and lifelong medical treatment and care. 

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