How To Change Cylinder Head Gasket

The cylinder head gasket is one of the most fearsome car parts. Because? Because its repair is costly and complicated, it can require hours and hours in a workshop, and sometimes it can even make you give up your car for dead.

So you don’t have to worry about this expense and can do it yourself, Cylinders, Inc will teach you how to change the cylinder head gasket in several steps when you should do it, and the material you need. You will save all the money on workshop labor, and you will be able to repair your car at home.

Symptoms that indicate that you need to change the cylinder head gasket

Before discussing how to change the gasket, you should know whether you have to worry about changing it. Several symptoms could indicate that your gasket is defective, and they are as follows:

Oil in the cooling system:  you can only find out if this has happened by checking the car’s coolant, as you won’t notice anything unusual while driving. If you see that the coolant has become a mixture, it means it is mixing, and the joint is damaged.

Pressure in the cooling system:  overheating and low cooling is the apparent symptoms of too much pressure in the cooling system. The cylinder head gasket will probably be burnt out, and this causes this filtering which, in the long run, can destroy the entire engine. Usually, when this happens, you can see a white cloud in the exhaust pipe, very thick and with a strange sweet odor. Check the spark plugs to find out which cylinder has a problem, which you can identify as it will certainly be cleaner than the others.

The coolant inside the oil system: is a symptom that is also difficult to see and can cause serious damage to the engine. To find out, you’ll have to do an oil change and see if the oil has turned into a brown mist.

Coolant Leak: Are there small pools of coolant under your car? If so, you have a coolant leak, and a damaged cylinder head is almost certainly the culprit. The problem is that this leak could also be due to other reasons, so the car must be examined in depth to determine if the culprit is the cylinder head gasket.

If your car has any of these symptoms, you might start to worry, and you should read on to learn how to change your cylinder head gasket or use a professional such as Welded Cylinders Repair in Chicago, IL for example .

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