Various Types of Cranes & Their Uses

Cranes of some form have been around for thousands of years and while we can never be sure how monuments like Stonehenge and the pyramids were constructed, there must have been heavy lifting devices in the mix somewhere.

If you have ever wondered about the different types of cranes we use today, wonder no more, as we have put together a list of the most common types of lifting device.

  • Mobile Cranes – If you have a heavy lifting job on the horizon, there is mobile crane hire in Guildford from a leading crane hire outfit. Mobile cranes have 6 legs that are lowered to provide a solid platform for the crane to operate and with extended boom, most lifts can be handled by a mobile crane. There are different sizes and the crane hire company would know which unit is most suited for your project.
  • Crawler Crane – Similar to a mobile crane, with tracks instead of wheels, this beast can go just about anywhere. The crane steers by braking one of the tracks to slew the vehicle, plus it can go forward or back.
  • Truck Mounted Grab Crane – Many delivery trucks have a grab crane to load/unload their cargo; ideal for building supplies and any cargo that is heavy enough to warrant a lifting device.
  • Floating Crane – Used mainly in sea ports, floating cranes can load/unload cargo, while they work alongside oil rigs, loading essential suppliers that are brought out by ship. Some floating cranes are semi-submersible, which gives better stability in water.
  • Overhead Crane – Found at major ports, the overhead crane moves containers around, which is essential and this is the main method for loading containers onto trucks. Sea containers have special locks on each corner, enabling safe stacking and keeping the units secure during transit.
  • Tower Crane – If you visit a major commercial construction project, you will see quite a few tower cranes in operation. The tower crane enables a high-rise structure to be built; the crane can be raised or lowered by adding or removing sections. There is usually at least one tower crane on the upper levels, used to get materials to the newest sections of the project.
  • Stacker Crane – Primarily used in warehouses, the stacker crane can move horizontally and vertically, saving a lot of time with inventory storage.

If you are in need of heavy lifting, search online for a leading Australian crane hire outfit and let the experts take the strain.


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