10 Tips For Producing Amazing Videos For The Internet

For each tip, a result that will help a lot to spread your message!

  1. Time Makes A Difference

A survey was conducted on video attention retention. 2 videos were presented to a group of people; these videos were practically identical; the only difference was that one was 10 seconds longer than the other. Do you know what the result of this is? The shortest video had the audience’s attention for 72% of its viewing, while the other was viewed for only 50% of its duration.

  1. Less Is More

The truth is that video production cannot create very long content. Short videos are the best ones to hold attention until the end. The messages must be objective, going straight to the point of forming didactics so that the public can easily absorb them.

  1. Interest Wanes Over Time

As the video progresses, your audience gradually drops. This is because those who watch the video start to get tired, distractions appear, or the person concludes that that content is not interesting to them. The key is to start with the most important messages and information, then go into the details.

  1. Always News

Don’t be repetitive: always present something new and valuable to the audience throughout the video and objectively; otherwise, the audience will abandon you, uninterested in what is being shown.

  1. People Like People

People like to see other people and their stories; they identify with and are interested in them. It is essential to convey a more human context with messages from personal experiences.

  1. Start With A “Bait”

Take advantage of the first 10 seconds of the video to present a curious fact or information that will be completed during the exhibition, holding the attention of the spectators creatively until this outcome.

  1. Emotion Is Key

Laughing, loving, fearing, and even being angry or envying are human emotions that attract people somehow. Most successful videos employ some of these reactions of our spirit, mainly laughter, commotion, or a fact that surprises the audience.

  1. Likes And Shares

There is no way to produce a video without using the enormous power of social media. People love to share videos on social networks, and, best of all, the recommendation of a friend is usually highly respected by the other members of these media, multiplying, even more the likes and shares!

  1. Call To Action!

The famous CTA, or Call to Action, is the purpose of your video: to take internet users to your website, e-commerce, or other similar actions, such as downloading an e-book, giving a “like,” or filling out a registration form. So, choose the action you want to promote well and build your video content around it to take effect and bring the result you are looking for.

  1. More And More Complete Information

As you’ve seen, video production which can be handled by companies like gillespie productions for example shouldn’t generate long content. To pass on more detailed information, the idea is to include a link to your website or blog where a page with everything your customer needs to know will be available to them.

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