Home Furniture: Which Ones Are Essential Before Moving?

Moving to another property is almost always a personal accomplishment, but it is also a hectic time when you have to deal with numerous issues so you need the help of moving company like Alliance moving and storage for instance.

After all, it is necessary to buy furniture for the house, and it is not always possible to purchase everything needed at once. Thinking of helping you on this journey, we have prepared this post. Read on and see what to buy before moving and how to get organized!


The bedroom is one of the main rooms in a house. It is the resting place where you recharge your energy after a day’s work and the space where you can live for many moments together. Check out some items that cannot be missing in this haven of relaxation of the property.


The mattress is probably the most important item in a home. It is essential that you have already purchased yours when you move in, as, in addition to being used for sleeping, it can be useful as a makeshift sofa. So, you can watch TV, use your notebook, and more.

The bed frame can be provided later, but try to prioritize it. The mattress accumulates much more dust when placed directly on the floor and is less comfortable.


The wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture to make you feel at home. Without it, you have to leave your clothes in your suitcases, which makes it much harder to find them in the morning. Also, it makes the room messy. Before you move in and buy furniture, go into the new house and measure the wall where the wardrobe will be to make sure the model, you’re buying is compatible with the space. If your room is small, invest in wardrobes that have sliding doors. That way, you won’t lose space when the doors are open.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the house. Perfect space to gather friends, enjoy an afternoon movie, and even chat late into the night. Ideally, the room should have the necessary furniture and equipment from the start to maintain this fun atmosphere. See what can’t be missing from your wedding trousseau list for the room.


Although you can use the bed if you already have a sofa, it’s best to purchase one before moving. That’s because the sofa, like the wardrobe, helps make you feel at home. Before purchasing this item, measure the ports it will pass through to ensure it will fit smoothly. If you live in an apartment, you must also check the size of the elevator. Even if it is possible to lift the furniture, this is a separate service, usually expensive.

TV And Support

If you can’t do without a good soap opera or like to use your television for games and streaming series, don’t forget to think about where it will be. If it’s a piece of furniture, you’ll already have storage space in the room. If it is attached to the wall, try to do this installation before moving. Take the opportunity to request the installation of telephone, internet and cable TV on the same day. So, as soon as you move in, you will be able to enjoy these services.


Even before moving, it is essential to have basic equipment in your kitchen. After all, having water to drink and a device to heat meals is the minimum to start living in a place.

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