Top reasons to hire a disability attorney in Phoenix 

Things can be complicated for someone with no prior experience working on SSD & SSI claims. Truth be told, thousands of claims are denied by the Social Security Administration every year. A considerable percentage of these claims are denied for errors made during the application process. Whether you are considering filing your SSD claim or your claim has already been denied, you must consult an attorney. Top disability lawyers Phoenix can offer a free initial consultation for your case, which can come in handy to know your case. Below is an overview of why lawyering up is so important. 

Get your application right

Technicalities and lack of clear evidence are some of the common reasons for claim denials. More often than not, people are unaware of what it takes to offer evidence or complete the initial application. When you have a social security disability attorney on your side, you are unlikely to make wrong decisions. More importantly, your attorney will do what it takes to bolster your claim. 

Experience matters

There’s also no denying that disability attorneys have years of experience dealing with claims and appeals. If your claim is denied, you have limited time to file an appeal, and the appeals process can be even more intricate. With an attorney, you don’t have to work on the minute details. Lawyers know the worth of supporting evidence and can work on the case accordingly. Of course, you have to do your homework to select the right attorney. Ensure that the lawyer has experience representing clients with similar disabilities. 

Representation at hearing

Once you hire a disability attorney, they will answer questions on your behalf before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The lawyer will also guide you on what you should and should not say during the hearing. If witnesses are necessary, they will make the right choices. Besides the basic tasks, they will also work on gathering evidence that will support your appeal. If the Administrative Law Judge’s decision is not in your favor, your lawyer may consider requesting a review by the Appeals Council. This may require extra work and gathering new evidence to support your claim. Your lawyer will deal with all that, including the documentation work. 

The good news is your disability attorney cannot charge anything they want. Most lawyers work on a contingency fee and can only take 25% of the past-due benefits (not exceeding $6,000). Contact an attorney now to find more on the claims process.

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