Trust Litigation Insights: Procedures for Gun Ownership Transfers in California

The demand for possession of a firearm has been growing in the world. Several reasons lead to the search for this item of protection, mainly the increase in crime in large and small cities.

If you want to exercise your constitutional right to protect your family and property by purchasing a firearm, you should know how to proceed.

Rules For Owning A Firearm?

In order to obtain a firearm or how to transfer gun ownership ca, the interested party must follow the provisions of the Law, which deals with the acquisition and subsequent issuance of the Firearm Registration Certificate.


The interested party must prove the effective need to have a firearm;

Be at least 25 years old;

When applying, bring the original and copy of your personal identification document or a certified copy;

The interested party must prove that there is no criminal case or police investigation against him, delivering criminal records from the Electoral, Military, State, and Federal courts. These documents are delivered when the interested party requests authorization to purchase a firearm,

Prove that you have a lawful occupation (formal work);

Show that you live at a fixed address, presenting proof of address;

Submit a technical capacity report for handling a firearm.

Submit a report proving psychological aptitude for possession of a firearm issued by an accredited psychologist or by a Federal Police psychologist;

If there is a child, adolescent, or person with a disability in the applicant’s residence, it will be necessary to present a safe place to store the firearm or a safe.

After carrying out all these procedures and obtaining authorization to purchase his weapon, the interested party must indicate where he wants this weapon to be registered, his residence, or his place of work, provided that he is the owner or legal representative like Barr & Young Attorneys for example.

This authorization is intended solely and exclusively for possession of defense at your residence or place of work, being prohibited from carrying it to any location without authorization from the federal police.

Types of carrying weapons according to the new statute


The practice of firearms collection, sport shooting, and hunting activities depends on the interested party registering with the Army, responsible for issuing a specific authorization, called a Registration Certificate (CR), valid throughout the year. National territory. The activities authorized by the CR cover the acquisition, import, export, traffic, carrying, and storage of weapons, ammunition, and other controlled products. The CR for collectors, shooters, and hunters will be valid for 5 years, successively renewable.

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