Navigating The Complexities Of Family-Based Immigration

Emigrating with SimVisa for instance is the adventure of a lifetime. And, as in all great adventures, there is a fear of taking too much of a step at the beginning. But you don’t have to worry! When figuring out how to move abroad, everyone needs a little help getting started.  Our tips will help you deal with this big challenge, breaking it down into smaller tasks that are easier to manage and explaining how to face each one. Ultimately, you won’t just know what to do to change your country – you’ll also believe you can do it. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Here’s the guide you need if you’re thinking about emigrating.

Essential Documentation To Emigrate

Arrange The Visa!

It must be your first task. Unless you are a citizen of the European Union and want to move to another EU country, you can only emigrate with a visa, use expert like family based immigration lawyer to learn more.  Several reasons justify obtaining a visa. For example, if you plan to study, you might be able to get a student visa. If you have been offered a job, you may be able to get a work visa. You can also get a visa if you are married to a citizen of the country you want to emigrate to.

In any case, your first stop should be at the visa section of the official website of the destination country. There, you will certainly find detailed explanations about granting the visa and what you must do to submit the application. It is advisable to apply for a visa in advance, as it is a lengthy process in some countries.

Check The Validity Of Your Passport.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your intended arrival date. It’s also worth making physical and digital copies of all your important documents – you never know if you might need them, and if you lose the original, you’ll have a copy.

If You Are Going To Emigrate, Prepare Yourself Financially

Start Saving Now!

If you think moving to another city is expensive, wait until you move to another country! After deciding to emigrate, saving as much as possible is the next step. It is also the time to start selling what you will not take with you. Try to save enough money to cover the cost of the move (plus a little extra just in case) and, if possible, to cover expenses for about six months.  Also, consider the cost of living in the new country, especially if it is higher. Make a budget to list all potential expenses. This will give you a good idea of ​​how much you should save.

Organize Your Bank Accounts. 

If you emigrate, you will need a local bank account. At the same time, leave some money in a bank account in your home country, authorizing someone you trust to use it in an emergency.  And confirm with your bank that your cards work in the destination country.   It would help if you informed financial institutions, government entities (e.g., tax authority, social security, pension funds), public service, and telecommunications companies that you will emigrate to.

Check Your Tax Status.

Before emigrating, it is important to find out if there are any taxes that you will have to pay the State of your country and how you will pay them. As tax matters can be complex, seek advice from an accountant or tax specialist with experience in international matters. A specialist will help maintain legality and advise on any deductions and credits you may be eligible for.  The Green Card by marriage guarantees foreigners the possibility of permanently residing in the United States. For that, of course, you have to marry an American.

Within this scenario, it is possible to deal with two hypotheses. The first is people who marry an American. The second is that of people who travel to the United States and marry a native. Immigration asks questions, visits, and has access to the couple’s documents—everything to investigate the spouses very well, to avoid fake marriages to receive the Green Card.

In this way,  being completely legitimate, the approval period takes three months to two years. Still, the time may vary depending on the month in which the request for adjustment of status was requested. I was working in a queue. Once approved, the Green Card will be valid for two years. And after that period, you will need to renew for a definitive one that lasts ten years. On the other hand,  when fraud is discovered, the foreigner is deported and prevented from returning to the country. In comparison, the American citizen will respond judicially to the crime.

How To Get A Green Card By Marriage?

There are two possibilities for entering the process. Discover each of them below:

The first possibility of marriage to an American

Stay tuned if you travel with another visa and decide to marry an American. You must apply for your Green Card after civil marriage and consider its validity and length of stay.

To do this, inform the USCIS of the marriage on Form I-130. This is the petition to prove that you are legally married and will need to be submitted with payment of the fee. In addition,  copies of the couple’s documents must be attached, such as:

  • Proof of financial conditions;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • Evidence that the marriage is legitimate.

In addition, one more item must be sent. The immigrant must sign the I-485 form, which serves to request the adjustment of status. Another fee is charged, and it is necessary to send civil, personal, and relationship documents. You may also be able to submit forms I-765 and I-131. They authorize you to start working and travel abroad, respectively. Both have no fees and can be submitted together with the I-485.

However, the form saga does not end there. After these, the I-944 must be submitted by both parties. Once completed, USCIS will send a letter with the date to perform the I-485 Sender Biometrics. And, of course, he will schedule an interview with the couple.

In this part, the legitimacy of the marriage will be confirmed through personal questions with the two together and separated. Be ready for this step.

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