Which Boxes To Choose For Shipping Parcels?

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution for shipping your parcels? Discover in this guide the different boxes available and their recommended use. You will know which boxes to choose according to your needs.

Cardboard Thickness: Understand Everything To Make The Right Choice

The heavier the item you want to send, the stronger your box should be. Its resistance depends on its thickness, which is called the groove. This is made up of one or more leaves. The thicker the cardboard, the more impact resistant and able to carry heavy loads, so you should pay close attention to the corrugation when preparing your shipments.

Which Groove To Choose For Your Parcels?

The single groove is made up of two sheets of corrugated cardboard, giving it a fairly thin thickness. It is a standard box, the most frequently used for shipments that do not require special protection. It is ideal for shipping items up to 30 kg and not too fragile, such as clothes or documents.

The double groove: is made up of two simple grooves. Thicker is ideal for sending items up to 70 kg. You can use it to ship books, small appliances, or other medium-weight objects, fragile or not.

The triple groove: is reinforced with four sheets to ensure high resistance. It is used to send items weighing up to 100 kg, particularly fragile items. Whatever your need for thickness for your boxes, you will easily find them on cardboard sales sites in a wide range of formats.

Shipping Boxes With Customer Return

These shipping boxes are designed for professional shipments and are sturdy enough to support multiple shipments. The customer can thus reuse the box directly to return his product if necessary. They also include an adhesive tape closure.

Shipping Boxes With Built-In Foam Cushioning

These boxes are particularly useful for shipping fragile or valuable items. The inside of the box is covered with a thick layer of foam encompassing the product once closed. Perfectly wedged and protected, the object does not move during transport and avoids scratches and possible shocks.

Shipping Tubes

These tube-shaped cartons can be round or rectangular. They are perfect for safely shipping long and narrow items, such as posters, maps, rolls of paper

The gusseted pouch and the bubble envelope

They are not quite a cardboard, but they can be interesting for shipping small, flat, and compact objects:

The gusseted pouch is a kraft paper envelope equipped with a gusset to insert variable thickness. It will rather be used to send brochures, documents, or contracts.

The bubble envelope is padded inside with bubble wrap, allowing you to protect small objects well during transport.

Shipping Cases

This clever cardboard, shipping Poly Bags adapts to the product’s shape, protects it thanks to its shockproof edges, and secures the shipment. You place it in the wrapper and then fold over the edges to match the object perfectly. Then you have to stick the panels with the adhesive strips.

Ready-To-Use Shipping Boxes

You can also buy boxes like Brandt Box for example, pouches, and envelopes already pre-stamped to save time in your shipments. You are thus guaranteed to use resistant and suitable packaging.

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