What Is TorFX?

There is a wide range of money transfer companies that users can pick for quick and cheap transactions. TorFX may be the right choice for you. To find out comprehensive information about this payment service provider, keep reading this review.

Initial Information about TorFX

This is a UK-based payment company that processes foreign exchange transactions as well as international payments for over 7.5 billion pounds per annum. Its offices are located all over the world, including such countries as Singapore, Australia, the USA, and others. All in all, more than 500 people are working for this company. TorFX has won a range of awards as a great payment company, and it has also been recognized as a provider of top-notch customer services.

The Benefits of Using TorFX

There are numerous benefits that customers can enjoy by starting using this payment method.

Some of them are the following:

  • Cheap exchange rates
  • Instant support by a dedicated manager
  • Absence of transfer fees
  • Plenty of transfer options that are not offered by many banks
  • An opportunity to make transfers over the phone around the clock

Generally, this payment system can become a worthy alternative to a bank.

How to Use TorFX

It will only take you several minutes to set up an account with this company. It is possible to register your details online on the site or over the phone. Right after that, as a new customer of TorFX, you will be provided with a manager who will guide you through all the processes. When you are ready to make a transfer, the manager will confirm the current exchange rate. It is possible to make all the transactions that are below £25,000 online.

All in all, TorFX offers lower exchange rates, free money transfers, and excellent customer support; so, it is a more beneficial payment solution compared to various banks.

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