How You Can Improve Your Office Workstation

Today’s technology has improved our ways of working, thus allowing employees to carry out almost all of their tasks without leaving their desks. Nevertheless, working in fixed positions can develop some health issues.

We often spend at least seven hours daily seated in our workstations; however, our body is not designed to stay in fixed positions for that long. This action can result in various ergonomic stressors, such as working in awkward positions, slouching, or discomfort while making particular movements.

Therefore, you need to improve your working environment, and the following are the main ways you can use it.

Maintain a Good Posture

One of the main causes of neck and back pains in the workstation is bad posture. Poor posture always leads to fatigue and strain injuries, hence, lowing the employees’ productivity.

One way you can practice good posture is by finding the right sitting position, which prevents you from any injury. Changing your body’s position throughout the day is also advisable to reduce strains.

Use Adjustable Chairs

Using a proper chair can greatly reduce the risk of lower back injuries. A proper chair allows you to make the necessary adjustments to the lumbar support to maintain the spine’s natural ‘S’ curve while sitting.

Using adjustable chairs also allows you to adjust the height and armrests and to set a comfortable sitting surface.

Use Sit- Stand Workstations and Adjustable Height Desks

Workers can quickly and comfortably adjust their desk heights from sitting to standing using the adjustable height workstations. Standing is often preferred to sitting because of its numerous health benefits, including improved blood flow, energy levels, burning calories, and reduced back pains.

There are many types of adjustable-height desk workstations you can choose from. Some can be manually operated, while others are operated electrically. You can also buy cantilever desks, which are relatively cheaper and lighter. Thus, you can easily change their positions according to your desire.

Place Your Monitor Appropriately

Adjusting the height and distance of the monitor is one of the simplest improvements anyone can make in a workplace. It helps reduce neck, eye, and arms shoulder fatigue.

You should ensure that the distance of your monitor is arm’s length away and the height adjusted to a position that allows your eyes to look at it slightly downward when focusing on the middle of the screen.

Mouse and Keyboard Placement

Placing your keyboard and mouse depends on your natural posture. You should ensure that both the mouse and the keyboard are at the same height as the forearms and elbows.

Always keep your elbows at your side while the arms are at or below an angle of 90- degrees. The shoulders can be allowed to fall relaxed around your side. Following these guidelines will allow you to prevent strains while at the workplace.


Despite not being able to get access to sit- stand workstations, employees still have several ways to improve their comfort in the workplace. Maintaining a good posture, using the correct chair height, adjusting the monitor height and length, and ensuring proper placement of the keyboard and mouse are simple solutions for improving the health and productivity of employees in the workstation.

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