4 Reasons to Hire a Security Guard

There are a lot of security solutions available. Modern technology has given us many ways to keep an eye on things and then record crimes when they happen. Even so, nothing replaces the capabilities of having someone at the location watching and making sure everything is okay. Cameras and other security systems have their uses, and they are excellent at what they do. But humans can do more than one thing, like assessing the situation and bringing a measured response based on the case. Here are some of the reasons it is still a good idea to use security guards.

  1. Response: A security guard can respond or choose not to react to situations immediately. If a camera is fooled or an alarm is bypassed, there isn’t much you can do about the situation. At the same time, if an alarm goes off in error, or a camera indicates something is going on when it is not an emergency. Emergency services will be called for no reason. In both cases, a security guard could have made sure the correct response occurred.
  2. Internal Theft: One of the biggest problems companies face, is theft from employees. They have all the time they need to figure out how to get around security features and take what isn’t theirs. But a security guard makes theft more difficult by being analytical and unpredictable. Internal theft is why so many stores hire a security company (called จ้างการ์ดบริษัทรักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai), because they face more loss from their employees than from the public.
  3. Range: There are many situations where you cannot have enough cameras to cover an area. And when you have a lot of videos to look at, it is easy to miss something going on. In this situation, you will need extra people to watch the screens or have people patrolling the area. Having a pair of human eyes and ears is much more effective at discerning and locating trouble. And there is a bonus of on-the-spot decision-making to determine risk.
  4. Another Human: In many cases, companies benefit from having another person available to help in emergencies, provide essential information. In some cases, this support can be valuable to customers and employees alike.

The only real downside of having a security guard is that there is another salary to pay. But the avoidance of damage or theft will usually cover the cost of the guard while providing extra benefits. If you hire a guard from a security company, you can be assured there will always be someone available to take on the role and that they will also have a certain level of training which will make them even more valuable.


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