What are some common dental injuries that come under the personal injury lawsuit? Conyers

Many individuals assume that getting harmed is unavoidable in life. However, a dental injury might cause catastrophic harm. In addition, if you have sustained a dental injury because of another person’s fault, you could visit an injury attorney in Conyers. There are hundreds of teeth in our mouths, each of which comprises numerous separate pieces. There are multiple different forms of dental injuries that a person might suffer from in the case of a catastrophic accident which is as follows: 

Fractured Roots

Some dental injuries caused either by a car accident, a flight or while playing sports might cause damage to your teeth’s roots. Some cracks begin on the surface of your teeth, where you chew and extend down to the sections of your tooth that aren’t visible. 

Without a comprehensive inspection and x-ray treatment, it might be difficult, if not impossible, to notice your damaged roots. These unseen problems can easily lead to infection.

Luxation of the teeth

The tooth becomes loose but not knocked out in this type of dental damage. The injured tooth might slide backwards, forwards, and sides due to dental luxation. The most common treatment for these injuries is to return the tooth to its original place. However, you should consult a dentist to verify no additional damage has occurred.

Cracked teeth

A broken tooth can be a result of any physical force or damage to the face. While broken teeth are the most frequent type of tooth injury, you must get treatment as soon as possible to avoid irreversible damage or infection. It might be tough to identify cracked teeth on your own. Before your symptoms worsen, consult an emergency dental specialist to help you repair cracks and other sorts of damage.


All of your teeth are entirely developed when you are born, but they are hidden under your gums. Your teeth “erupt” or come out and develop into the position they are in today as you become older. If you have a physical injury to your face, the object may push your teeth so far back that they fall beyond the gum line. When a forceful strike drives your tooth back down into the jawbone, it’s called a tooth incursion.


Finally, you can avoid most of these mishaps if you are a little more careful of your surroundings. In addition, if you have been affected by a significant dental injury, don’t delay filing your claim. You deserve just compensation for the trauma you have been through, and the city of Conyers understands that.