Guide for finding a car accident attorney in Houston 

Texas is an at-fault state – The at-fault party is responsible for paying compensation to those injured. If you suffered injuries in such a car crash in Houston, one of the first steps should be about contacting an attorney. A lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected, as they try to maximize your settlement.  What does it take to hire the right Houston car accident attorney? In this post, we are sharing a quick guide for your help. 

Meet an attorney first

Don’t assume that an accident attorney is the best in business, just because you read a few positive reviews. While reviews do matter, you have to meet a lawyer in person, to understand if they can handle your case and have the necessary time. The first consultation with an accident attorney shouldn’t cost anything, and you can discuss everything about your case. 

Ask questions

Knowing a potential car accident attorney is as important. As the client, you can ask for more details. Here are some questions worth asking – 

  1. How long have you been dealing with car accident claims in Texas?
  2. Have you handled claims and lawsuits similar to mine?
  3. If yes, what were the outcomes of those cases?
  4. What are the merits and demerits of this case?
  5. Will you work on the case personally?
  6. Can you share a few client references?
  7. Do you have experience of trial?
  8. What percentage of your accident claims and lawsuits are settled outside of court?

Many law firms have multiple accident attorneys working for them. Make sure that you meet the attorney who will eventually handle your case. Ask the lawyer if they have time to devote to the case. 

Lawyer’s fee and other costs

In case of personal injury lawsuits, attorneys may agree to work on a contingency basis, but that depends on many factors. If the lawyer works on a contingency fee, they get paid only if they win. They will take a part of the settlement, typically not more than 40%. Experienced lawyers are likely to cost more, but you also have a better assurance of winning a fair settlement. There could be other investigation and litigation expenses, so ask your attorney if they are going to pay that on your behalf. Such costs are usually adjusted when a settlement is reached. 

Start looking for top accident attorneys immediate after your accident, so that you don’t lose valuable time.