Country Wedding: Learn How To Organize

Country weddings are the ideal type of wedding for the couple looking for a rustic decoration out of the traditional style, such as ballroom parties, and dream of a very romantic, simple wedding with a beautiful natural landscape as a backdrop.

For those of you who dream of a beautiful country wedding party, this article is perfect, as it is full of decorating tips, organizing, and inspiring country wedding photos. Check out!

Field Wedding Ceremony

Making a wedding ceremony in the countryside is the dream of many couples, after all, the landscape guarantees a beautiful natural decoration which ends up yielding beautiful wedding photos in the countryside, however, it is essential to remember that the wedding ceremony in the countryside is not something easy to program, after all, it is necessary to be prepared for the changes that can happen in the weather such as rain, wind or a lot of sun.

Because of this, the main tip for those who dream of a simple country wedding is always to have a plan B, which can be a room prepared to receive guests during the ceremony and party, or perhaps a tent like American Tent: party tents for instance.

Before choosing the decoration for the wedding ceremony, it is essential to decide the event’s time. If it’s a field wedding by day, use and abuse the natural landscape and make some flower arrangements to place along the way to the aisle. If it’s a field wedding at night, it’s essential to plan a decoration with candles. Beyond creating a super romantic atmosphere also helps with the lighting.

As for the altar, the wedding ceremony in the field can be done in several ways. For a simple country wedding, the altar can only have a simple wooden table. Still, if the couple wants something more elaborate, the altar can be decorated with an arch of leaves and flowers or even use a rustic element like an antique door, for example.

A simple country wedding is an ideal choice for the couple who want to make the most of the beauty of nature to make this day even more special. It is not necessary a lot of investment for a simple country wedding decoration; the most interesting in this case is to use only a few decorative elements such as flower arrangements and leave the rest to the landscape of the chosen place.

For a rustic country wedding, the best tip is to invest in old and simple wooden furniture. They add more charm to the party; in addition, flower arrangements made in small glass vases or even in small wooden boxes leave the decoration. Wedding rings in the countryside with a special touch.