Branding With Product Packaging: Check The Top Ideas!

The primary purpose of packaging is to contain the product and protect it from damage during shipping and transit. Most marketing experts, however, agree that packaging is an experience for customers, or at least, it should be. It’s a complete billboard for the brand and a great marketing tool. Designing a product box requires consideration, and even the best companies don’t get it right in one go. So, what does it take to promote a brand through packaging? Here are a few tips for help!

Collaborate with box manufacturers

If your company lacks the ideas or doesn’t have a team to look into the design process, consider collaborating with a manufacturer like Box manufacturers often have an extended team, so they can help with the box shape, size, design and graphics, and can be involved in the process from the time of conceptualization. Since such manufacturers work with diverse brands, their experience helps in avoiding expensive mistakes.

Minimalism with quirk

A lot of box designers and graphics experts will tell you that product packaging is about minimalism. At least, that’s the trend. However, minimalism can feel boring. You don’t want a box that just too simple to be noticed. Adding some humor and quirk into the design is a great way to talk of your brand. For example, if you are selling pens, a tagline for your brand can go under the product name on the box.

Play with shape

Logistics and shipping are critical aspects to consider for product packaging, because the box needs to be easy to handle during transit. However, if you want to share your brand better, having a slight odd shape can help. This is the precise reason why customized boxes are so popular at this moment. Right from the time a customer sees the product, he should be able to tell that the brand is yours. Product box customization doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, provided you have the right manufacturer.

In conclusion

Take your time to evaluate what the product needs in terms of packaging and design a box that defines what your brand stands for. This may mean experimenting with ideas from time to time, but even the best product boxes have to be revamped at some point. Check online now to find more on manufacturers and talk to a few to know what they can do for your design needs.