304 stainless steel pipe types

304 stainless steel pipe is produced in different types and shapes. The different types include different grades. The food grade pipes are specifically made for use in the food and beverages industry. The pipes would have very less corrosion and wear and tear in the food industries. The most used case is in sanitary tubing. The sanitary tubing types are the most exposed to a mixture of not so standardized content. They have to go through food to sanitary waste liquids. So these types of pipes are made with high corrosion crack resistance. There are high end types such the aircraft hydraulic line tubing. This application requires both high pressure containment capacities and high temperature tolerance. So the material is designed to make sure that it meets the demand of the application. The 304 stainless steel pipe can be annealed and heat treated. Due the manufacturing process and the possible treatments after production, it is possible to make the pipes in different types.

304 stainless steel welded pipes are used commonly in the mechanical engineering sector; specifically in the structural engineering. Construction and other structural applications use these pipes due to their high strength. The other type is used in aircraft tubing. The aerospace sector involves high vibrations, temperature and pressure. So the type of pipes used in this sector is specifically made with high impact toughness, ductility, strength and high temperature tolerance. The stainless steel pipe price depends on all these criteria and of course the market fluctuations.